Advantages of an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Advantages of HVAC Maintenance Plan

Breakdowns never occur when you have time and plenty of cash on hand to pay for them.

Recent studies show that over 70% of repairs to heating and cooling systems could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

You get the oil changed, tires rotated, and check-ups done on your vehicle so why not keep your natural gas, propane and geothermal system operating at peak efficiency and in tip top shape.


Furnace/Boiler Checklist

  1. Check thermostat
  2. Lubricate fan motor, bearings and pump
  3. Test ventor motor condition
  4. Check that condensate drain is clear
  5. Check remote flame sensor
  6. Clean burners and check flame
  7. Inspect gas piping
  8. Check gas pressure
  9. Check belt tension and pulley condition
  10. Test blower motor amps
  11. Check furnace safety controls
  12. Check venting system and controls
  13. Inspect heat exchanger
  14. Inspect secondary heat exchanger
  15. Check heat rise
  16. Check CO levels
  17. Check electronic ignition system
  18. Clean pilot assembly and ignition
  19. Check combustion ventilation air
  20. Check filter condition


Air Conditioner Checklist

  1. Check thermostat
  2. Check metering devise or TX valve condition
  3. Check belt tension and pulley condition
  4. Test blower operation – motor amps and bearings
  5. Inspect filter system
  6. Inspect humidifier damper position
  7. Check drain condition and clean
  8. Check condensate pump operation
  9. Inspect evaporator coil condition
  10. Check contactor
  11. Inspect condenser coil and cleanliness
  12. Check and record refrigerant level
  13. Inspect condenser fan blades
  14. Check capacitor
  15. Check and record electrical loads plate


Heat Recovery Ventilator Checklist

  1. Vacuum/wash pre filter
  2. Check wire connections
  3. Check motor amp draw and operation
  4. Clean and check drain and drain line
  5. Clean outdoor openings
  6. Test operation
  7. Check insulation flex line for openings


Geothermal Checklist

  1. Check reverse heat/cool operation
  2. Check thermostat
  3. Test blower assembly
  4. Inspect air coil
  5. Check for signs of leakage
  6. Clean inside of control area
  7. Inspect air filter
  8. Test desuperheater pump
  9. Inspect coaxial heat exchanger
  10. Clean drain
  11. Tablet installed in condensate pan
  12. Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  13. Entering/leaving air temperature
  14. Entering/leaving water temperature
  15. Entering/leaving water pressure
  16. Amp draw
  17. Voltage
  18. Loop pump amps
  19. Fan pumps
  20. Auxiliary heat amps
  21. Auxiliary heat volts


Fireplace checklist

  1. Check thermostat
  2. Inspect gas piping
  3. Test blower operations
  4. Check venting system and controls
  5. Check pilot burner
  6. Check pilot safety operations
  7. Check burners
  8. Check electronic ignition system
  9. Check combustion and ventilation air openings
  10. Test and clean only – clean glass and gasket
  11. Test and clean only – vacuum blower and manifold areas


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